Speeding & Red Light Camera

A camera is no replacement for a the human eye, and we understand that. This is why we have helped numerous citizens eliminate their red light camera tickets with our expert advice. Photo enforcement has increased significantly across the country over the past 2 years and is continuing to grow. Usually, the photo enforcement is state wide, or it is only authorized in certain areas, such as busy traffic intersections that have a higher percentage of accidents or violations.

Speeding Ticket

Depending on where you received your speeding ticket and your age, the charges could differ. Make sure you have keep your ticket and if you have lost it, there is a way to replace it. To learn more about speeding tickets in Illinois, go to the speeding ticket section of our website.


Learn about a DUI & DWI in Illinois and the steps you need to take to get back on the road. Depending on your age in Illinois, the charges for a DUI or DWI can differentiate. Read more about the penalties and offenses you can get for receiving a DUI or DWI in Illinois.

Suspended / Revoked License

There are a few different reasons why an Illinois DMV can revoke or suspend your license. This could be from denying to take a chemical test following a DUI or even having to many points on your record. If you have a suspended or revoked license in Illinois, there are a few things you should know that could help you with the process of getting your license back.

Cellphone & Texting

Texting while driving is on the rise in america and officials are cracking down on citizens for texting while behind the wheel. Each state has different laws for texting and talking while driving, so become familiar with the current laws and protect yourself with knowledge.

Seatbelt & Safety

Keep familiar with the Seatbelt & Safety laws of your state and understand your rights if you have been prosecuted. Each state’s seatbelt laws are different and depending on where you are, the charges can also vary. Take a look at the Seatbelt laws for your state and protect yourself by understand your rights!

DMV Locations

If you are trying to find a DMV location in your local area and all the information regarding the DMV, you can find all right here inside our full database. We have every location available in your state as well as the address and phone number to set up an appointment. Further information about each location will be provided in the link on the DMV pages.